Brie de Nangis from Rouzaire

brie de nangis

Brie de Nangis

I picked up a Brie de Nangis from Rouzaire at the Milk Pail since it was in the special bin.

Sadly it is apparently overly ripe since it wreaks of ammonia.

I have been eating it still, just cutting the skin away to avoid the strong ammonia there.

I hope to get some more of this, nice and fresh to see what it is like.

It is still a brie, but a little different from the ones we usually see.

Fondue Secrets – Cheesy Goodness

Fondue SecretsI have been reading a bit about Fondue lately  and found some nifty fondue secrets.

On Martha Stewart they mentioned that the wine adds acid that keeps things smooth – high acid wine even lemon juice can be added for more acid.

They added garlic and nutmeg for flavour and they also added a tablespoon of corn starch.

The traditional cheese for fondue is a Gruyere and Emmentaler mix in equal proportions.

Both of these are available from a Swiss company called Emmi.

These are pretty common, at Safeway, Whole Foods and even sometimes at Costco.